Time for the Planet


Time for the Planet: The company to fight on a large scale against climate change! We create companies designed and parameterized from A to Z to fight against greenhouse gases. Our mission: - Detect high-impact innovations. - Recruit experienced entrepreneurs to turn them into companies with solid business models. - Inject money to maximize and accelerate deployment. All companies are open source (see document on Time for the Planet's open source operation on our website) They can thus be copied for free everywhere else on the planet, and multiply the quantities of greenhouse gases not emitted or absorbed, while accelerating the maturation of innovations. Time for the Planet is totally non-profit. Every euro earned is reinvested to create new businesses. Time for the Planet is a global movement based on action. Any person or company can join the adventure from 1€ on our website, in a few minutes. Everyone can take hold of this "object" to participate in making it grow, by acting concretely, and on a global scale against climate change. The performance indicator is environmental: the Rate of Return for the Planet. Everything is detailed in our two files: - The investment file - The scientific file As well as in many other documents and videos available on our website We hope to have the pleasure to be associated with you soon. Because we have no more time. It's Time for the Planet.

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